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APU pump

Eaton offers the commercial industry’s largest pump portfolio for widebody aircraft. Our auxiliary power unit pumps are available in cartridge/canister and inline-mounted options using brushed DC and brushless with controller designs. Our pump provides fuel supply to the APU and engine during start-up using either a ground-based DC supply or an aircraft APU or battery supply. As a positive displacement pump, re-prime capability is highly effective. Pump variants are fitted on commercial airliners and military applications.

= 1600 – 3150 lb/h
= 28 VDC
= 27-30 PSID


  • Positive displacement vane pump
  • Can have a very high lift and re-prime capability
  • Explosion-proof and thermally protected motor
  • Demonstrated tolerance to contaminated fuel
  • Brushed DC and brushless with controller option available
  • 25.981 capable
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