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Ejector transfer pump

Ejector transfer pumps transfer fuel between tanks and are typically mounted in transfer system tubing inside fuel tanks. Eaton’s pump has three fuel interfaces: motive flow, induced flow and discharged flow. High-pressure fuel flow at the motive inlet nozzle generates suction pressure that draws fuel flow into the pump through the induced flow port. Combined motive and induced flows exit through the pump discharge port. Integral design features include check valve and inlet screen.

Motive flow range
= 1 to 25 USgpm
Motive pressure range
= 15 to 35 psid
induced flow range
= 1 to 75 USgpm


  • Various size and performance range available 
  • Performance and sizing analysis supported by validated modeling tools
  • Sized for optimum efficiency, pressure and flow ratio and good cavitation index 
  • Can include integral check valve or inlet screen
  • Self-priming capability
  • 25.981 system compliant
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