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Main engine fuel pump

With more than 2 billion flight hours of service, Eaton’s high-pressure/high-flow main engine fuel pumps power commercial, military, regional and business aircraft engines worldwide and set the standard for reliable performance. Our mechanical pumps are designed to maintain fuel flow to aircraft engines at highly precise rates and pressures.

Operating pressure
= 800 – 2315 PSIG
Flow Rate
= 6- 120 GPM
Input Power
= 5- 210 HP


Reduce technical and program risks on your road to engine certification with Eaton’s main engine fuel pumps. The graph below shows a sample of our main engine fuel pumps portfolio that meet certain performance requirements for fuel flow and pressure.  These and other pumps in Eaton’s portfolio will provide a good base line to build a custom pump solution.

Eaton is also working on solutions that improve overall fuel system efficiency. Please contact us for more details.

Eaton fuel pumps portfolio

Deactivating hydraulic lash adjuster benefits

Replacing a standard lift control with a variable valve lifter, increases efficiency and fuel economy.

Fuel economy

Dual mode operation delivers significant improvement in overall fuel efficiency by reducing air pumping losses.

Optimized airflow

Optimizes airflow efficiency with seamless switching from normal to low lift occurring in less than one camshaft revolution.


Maintains centerlines and utilizing existing envelope

Pumping losses in an internal combustion engine
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