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2 position actuator

Eaton's electric motor-operated valve actuators are designed to operate valves requiring 90 degrees of rotary movement from fully open to fully closed positions. Actuators are available in 28 VDC single and dual motors and in multiple form factors. The motor drives a worm and wheel and/or an epicyclic gearbox. For dual motor designs, a differential ensures that if one motor fails, the other will continue operating the valve. Travel limits are controlled by micro switches, Hall effect sensors or potentiometer. Actuator provides visual and electrical indication and can be assembled with other Eaton valves using an adapter.

= 0- 90 degree
Input power
= 28 VDC
Actuation Time
= 3-5 sec


  • 0- 90 degree with end stop indication
  • Option of manual ride
  • Option of dual motor
  • 25.981 compliant
  • Used on composite tanks and aircraft 
  • Can be assembled with most of Eaton valves 
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