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4 position actuator

Eaton’s four-position valve actuator provides a full 360 degrees of rotary motion, with actuator position commanded by four power input pins in the electrical connector. A control logic board determines the shortest rotational distance from its current position and features over-voltage protection and position hold with loss of power and resume when power returns. Additional features can be added. Travel limits are controlled by four micro switches or hall effect sensors. The actuator provides visual and electrical indication and can be assembled with other Eaton valves using an adapter.

= 0- 360 degree , 90 degree steps
Input power
= 28 VDC
Actuation Time
= 3-5 sec for each 90 step


  • 360 degree rotation in 90 degree steps, with position indication
  • Has Manual Override
  • Can be 25.981 compliant
  • Used on composite tanks and aircraft 
  • Can be assembled with most of Eaton Valves 
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