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Airframe ball valves

With a well-established record of proven performance, Eaton ball valves are designed for both fluid (fuel and PAO) and pneumatic submerged-in-tank and dry-bay applications. For submerged applications, remote and pedestal configurations are available to maximize installation flexibility. Valve assemblies incorporate a spherical plug with journals mounted in bearings, allowing plug rotation to open and close the flow path. An input shaft connected to the spherical plug incorporates an interface for Eaton’s actuator. Lightning strike protection can be provided, and port configurations include two-port and multiport options.

Ball Size:
0.375 - 3.000 Inches


  • Can be 0-90 (single or variable position), 0-360 (in 90 degree steps)
  • Multiple options for conveyance connection to the valve (end fittings)
  • Thermal relief option available (can be a custom range)
  • 25.981 compliant
  • Lightning Isolation compatible
  • Used on composite tanks and aircraft 
  • Can be assembled with most of Eaton actuators 
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