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Refuel adapter

Pressure refuel adapters are airframe-side parts that interface with ground refuel hoses and adapters to allow aircraft pressure refueling. Our most common 2.5-inch diameter adapter meets MIL-A-25896E requirements plus AS5877B, STANAG 3105 and other international standards.

Eaton’s adapter can include a cap and lanyard to protect the jawring interface, which conforms to MS24484 and includes a normally closed poppet valve that opens when the mating ground refuel nozzle is attached. Eaton’s family of refuel adapters features straight and 90-degree outlet tubes, various aircraft tube interfaces, and refuel adapters with manual override handles for aircraft with multiple refuel adapters.

Outlet line size
= 1.5 to 3 inch
Flow Range
= max 500 US GPM
Opererating Pressure
= max 120 psig


  • Mechanical only and 28V DC powered versions
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