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Variable position actuator

Eaton’s variable position actuator for fluid (fuel or PAO) and pneumatic applications provides more flow control when compared to two- and four-position actuators and supports military and commercial aircraft. Actuator output is a rotary drive (zero to 90 degrees) that operates a ball or butterfly valve, typically in 5-degree increments. When powered with 28 VDC and commanded using an input signal between 1 to 9 VDC, the valve will move to the corresponding position proportional to the input signal.

Variable Position
= 0-90 degree
Power supply
= 28 VDC
Input / Feedback signal
= 1 to 9 VDC


  • Actuator position feedback is tracked using a Hall-Effects sensor
  • Command signals 0-9 VDC, zero being closed and nine being open, are provided back to the aircraft and used internally by the actuator to control actual vs. commanded position
  • If power is lost, the modulating valve will remain in the last commanded position
  • If power is applied to the valve and command signal is lost (0 VDC), the actuator defaults to the fully open position
  • 25.981 compliant
  • Used on composite tanks and aircraft
  • Can be assembled with most of the ball and butterfly valves
  • Can be customized for your application
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