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HSK Heat Shrink Kit

HSK Heat Shrink Kit features a mechanically tough polyolefin heat-shrinkable sleeve. The sleeve is designed so that one diameter will fit all common L-823 connector/cable combinations including cables as small as 0.360 inch diameter. 

The 1-piece HSK sleeve is factory coated with a water-proof sealant at the ends only, leaving the L-823 connector clean and reenterable. The main purpose is to seal the L-823 connector/cable joint, not to seal the plug/receptacle mating. 

The 2-piece HSK has sealant the full length. The crosslinked polyolefin sleeve provides excellent moisture, oil and fuel protection for L-823 connectors used in L-868 and L-867 bases, or direct buried. The sleeves are tough and withstand direct burial abuse.

Design Features

  • Fixture Type 1 10047-1425 HSK (two-piece)
  • Fixture Type 2 10047-2154 HSK (one-piece)
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