Runway and Taxiway Inset Lights
PRO APF 12/8" L-850 RCL/TDZ Runway Centerline / Touchdown Zone Light - LED
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PRO APF 12/8" L-850 RCL/TDZ Runway Centerline / Touchdown Zone Light - LED

The PRO APF 12/8" L-850 RCL/TDZ is an 8" runway or touchdown centerline light with or without a support ring. It can be used as a runway centerline or a touchdown zone light.  The L-850 RCL is a bidirectional light, typically white/white or white/red.  The L-850 TDZ is a white unidirectional light.

Certifications and compliance

  • FAA AC 150/5345-46 Current Edition
  • FAA EB67 Current Edition
  • FAA EB83A Current Edition
  • NATO STANAG 3316

Design Features

  • ETL certified
  • Wavetrac™ technology reduces power consumption up to 60% compared to incandescent
  • Long life LED technology with rated projected life greater than 50,000h at 6.6 A
  • Dust and watertight to IP68
  • Modular design makes fixtures easy to maintain with fewer parts to stock
  • Engineering Brief 67 current edition compliant dimming curve
  • Engineering Brief 83A current edition compliant securing fixture to support ring
  • High frequency 400 Hz PWM helps eliminate flicker perception
  • Compatible with all known CCR types
  • 3.5 Crest factor ensures compatibility with Series CCRs
  • 10kV/5kA surge protection
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature ensures safe movement of aircraft in the most challenging locations
  • Failure monitoring of fixtures
  • IEC Style 3, 6-13mm low protusion housing
  • Low profile, <.25" (6.35mm) – FAA Style 3
  • Optional arctic kit
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