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PRO III 12" IRELI Inset Runway Edge Light - ICAO

The PRO III 12" IRELI is a high intensity bidirectional light (using two 105 watt lamps) or unidirectional  light (using one 105 watt lamp).  This fixture is used where taxiways intersect the runway and any other runway edge locations where it is  impractical to use an elevated light.

Certifications and compliances

  • ICAO Annex 14: Figure A2.10


Design Features

  • Low profile, .50” (12 mm)
  • Few parts to stock
  • Easy to maintain – no sealant required for prism
  • Pressure test plug for seal integrity verification
  • Long lamp life – Quartz Halogen, 105 W, 6.6 A
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