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Tools and Accessories

Some examples of special tools for Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products are: setting jigs, leveling tools, aiming devices, clinometers and ammeters.

Ammeters are used for Constant Current Series Circuits. Constant current regulators (CCRs) produce non-sinusoidal waveforms. Traditional ammeters reading the average current will produce inaccurately low values on airfield lighting circuits. Calibrating equipment based upon these incorrect readings may dramatically reduce the lamp life for airfield lighting and adversely affect equipment performance. For constant current airfield lighting circuits, only a true-rms meter with current clamp accessory must be used to accurately indicate the current present. Crouse-Hinds offers the equipment for the most accurate readings.

A description of the tools are listed in the data sheet. Download the data sheet for complete product details. 

Design features

  • Aiming Device (EAL/EALK) is for setting vertical angle of elevated approach lights 98240 & 98250 series.
  • Cable Penciller prepares the ends of FAA L-824 Type C cable for connector kits.
  • Cable Penciller Blades are replacement blades for cable penciller.
  • Contact Straightener (RCLN) straightens the female contacts of TCL optical cartridges.
  • Impact Driver is used to loosen tight screws, when struck with a hammer. Useful for taxiway centerline lights.
  • Jaquith Drill is a fixture Drill plate for L-867B/L-868B.
  • Lifting Handles are used for easy lifting of 12˝ diameter inset lights, and for easy lifting of inset TOL lights (10.24 Inch Bolt Circle only).
  • PAPI Clinometer is used for PAPI systems.
  • PAPI Tilt Level is used to measure tilt Level for PAPI systems.
  • Setting Jigs are used for setting base type ALB L-868, Class I, Size B, for 12˝ diameter fixtures, for CCH 8” shallow bases with metric mounting holes, and for CCH 8” shallow bases with ANSI mounting holes.
  • Ammeters are used to measure Constand Current Series Circuits.
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