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Diaphragm Spring Clutch

Eaton offers a wide variety of diaphragm spring clutches to fit just about any commercial vehicle application. Built to strict OEM quality standards, they ensure outstanding performance and clutch life. Their robust and smooth running design reduces idling noise and can significantly reduce severe vibrations, extending drivetrain component life and the durability of transmission synchronizers. 

Facing material
Organic or ceramic
Actuation types
Pull, push, or push self-adjust
On-highway, bus & coach, and vocational


  • Available in a variety of sizes from 280 millimeters to 430 millimeters
  • Engineered and manufactured to original equipment specifications
  • Single or twin plate designs
  • Soft-rate dampers help protect against harmful torsional vibrations and increase the durability of transmission synchronizers and driveline components
  • Smooth engagement and less pedal effort
  • Available pre-dampers eliminate rattle at idle
  • Available for most common commercial vehicles 


430 mm diaphragm spring clutch models

Standard Duty

  • Organic facing
  • Primarily designed for on-highway applications such as linehaul and regional delivery

Severe Duty

  • Patented cushioned ceramic facing provides smooth launch characteristics and maximize protection against thermal stress
  • Designed for vocational truck and bus applications outside of North America

Extreme Duty

  • Organic facing
  • Features higher thermal capacity alloy components and optimized pressure plate mass for improved durability and enhanced low-speed maneuverability
  • Larger pilot bearing is designed for more frequent starts and stops
  • Upgraded main damper springs for improved noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Designed for severe duty and vocational applications

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