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UltraShift DM Clutch

Eaton DM clutches offer the durability and performance necessary to withstand the high actuation conditions associated with automated transmission systems.            

For Automated Transmissions
Fits Eaton's UltraShift automated transmissions
Torque Rating
1750 ft.lbs
Heavy and Medium duty


  • The clutch system of the UltraShift®transmission is a fundamental piece of this transmission
  • Centrifugal design relies on engine RPM for engagement
  • Soft rate dampers and ceramic facings provide smooth engagement

Smooth, quick shifts

Eaton’s first-generation UltraShift transmission uses a centrifugal clutch to “float shift” by RPM. The UltraShift™ 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions use the DM centrifugal clutch, which engages and disengages without an in-cab pedal and helps to maximize clutch life. A two-plate configuration is used for heavy duty applications and a single-plate for medium duty applications. Soft rate dampers and ceramic facings provide smooth engagement.

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