CAPRIGAINE Entry-level metallic fitting
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CAPRIGAINE Entry-level metallic fitting

CAPRIGAINE is a range of entry-level metallic conduit fittings for use with Eaton's CAPRIFLEX helically wound steel conduit. 

Securing on the exterior of the conduit, CAPRIGAINE fittings provide an IP40 and offer a cost-effective option for industrial applications.

Nickel-plated brass
Special feature
Pg male threads
Temperature range
-45°C to +400°C

Simple & cost effective

CAPRIGAINE fittings provide a simple and cost-effective solution for all types of conventional industrial applications of metallic conduits.
  • For use with CAPRIFLEX conduits only
  • Certifications
    Connection by electrical Pg thread according to UTE C 68311 and DIN 40430
  • Protection rating
    IP40 following NF EN 60529

Cable types

Protection category

Designed to work with Eaton's CAPRIFLEX conduit

CAPRIFLEX is a metallic conduit available in galvanised or stainless steel 304L and suited to use together with Eaton's CAPRIGAINE and JUDODIX connectors.

Capri - Over 60 years expertise and knowledge

For over 60 years, Capri has been known as a world-class solution in electrical termination for industrial and hazardous applications. Today, alongside Redapt and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.