CAPRIPLAST metallic PVC coated flexible conduits
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CAPRIPLAST metallic PVC coated flexible conduits

CAPRIPLAST and CAPRIPLAST GS are two ranges of metallic flexible conduits that feature a PVC sleeve.

Both fully meet the needs for cable protection in industrial environments with the CAPRIPLAST GS also offering electromagnetic (EMC) protection for cables that could cause turbulent effects on motors, controllers and welding machines.

Used with suitable connectors including the JUDODIX, they provide a full and reliable conduit solution.

Semi-rigid, non-deformable solution to protect cables

Using helically wound steel coated with grey PVC, the CAPRIPLAST and CAPRIPLAST GS ranges offer versatile and adaptable solutions to protect cables from harsh environments and possible damages like crushing or pullout.

Cable types

Protection category

Options in the metallic PVC coated flexible conduit range

CAPRIPLAST metallic conduit


CAPRIPLAST is a metallic conduit with a PVC cover available in galvanised or stainless steel and suited to use together with Eaton's JUDODIX connectors.

Operating temperature
-5°C to +60°C

Compression strength
1 250 N

Ingress protection

CAPRIPLAST GS galvanized steel metallic conduit with PVC


CAPRIPLAST GS is a galvanised steel metallic conduit with a PVC sleeve and a braided steel cover to achieve EMC protection. It is designed to work with Eaton's CAPRIPLAST GS connectors.

Operating temperature
-5°C to +60°C

Compression strength
1 D ≤ 25% at 350 NN

Ingress protection

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