Capri Newcap "e" - Non armored cable glands
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Capri Newcap "e" - Non armored cable glands

The NEWCAP "e" range is a metallic cable gland for non-armored cable approved for Exe applications: Newcap CT "e" and Newcap MS "e".

It features plated brass and stainless materials and an EMC protected version these glands have a wide range of uses.

Protection Type
Increased Safety Ex eb, Restricted Breathing Ex nR, Dust Ex tb
Continuous operating temperature
-20 °C to + 80 °C
Cable types
Non armoured cables, steel wire braided armoured cables

Cable types

Protection category

Other certificates: NEPSI & SABS

Shipping applications: ABS & DNV

Neoprene sealing on the Capri Newcap E

Neoprene sealing

The best choice for typical operating temperatures and good resistance to many common chemicals.
Lamellas clamping system on the Capri Newcap E

Lamellas system

Provide better clamping efficiency on the cable.

EMC Protection


Option 1

Newcap CT ensures EMC protection without interrupting the braided armor.
EMC Protection on the Newcap MS

Option 2

Newcap MS ensures EMC protection by reversing the braided armor on the lamellas ring.

How to install a Capri Newcap CT-e cable gland with braided cable

How to install a Capri Newcap MS-e cable gland with non-armored cable or braided cable.

Capri - Over 60 years expertise and knowledge

For over 60 years, Capri has been known as a world-class solution in electrical termination for industrial and hazardous applications. Today, alongside Redapt and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.