Capri UNICAP - Plastic industrial cable glands
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Capri UNICAP - Plastic industrial cable glands

The Capri UNICAP is a versatile plastic cable gland for use in various industrial and residential applications with non-armored round cables.

It features an extended operating temperature range compared to simple plastic glands in the range of -20 °C to +100 °C and is rated to IP64 for ultimate protection from dust and water.

Available in ISO and PG threads and conforming to EN62444 this gland is available as stand-alone or kitted with relevant accessories.

Polyamide 6
Continuous operating temperature
-20°C to +100°C

Cable types


Unicap range : UL certified

The industrial plastic cable gland Unicap is now UL certified, ensuring a complete conformity to North American requirements. The UL Recognised Component brand is specifically used for components of an electrical system, and represents a real guarantee of safety for manufacturers and end users.

Tightness and strength

The Unicap cable gland achieves both a tightness on the outer sheath of the cable as well as a perfect tensile strength. Mounted alone, it offers an IP64. The tightness is reinforced and ensures an IP68 protection if we add a thermoplastic washer.

Extreme environment conditions

With an operating temperature range of -20°C to +100°C, the UNICAP range meets severe industrial environments constraints.

Looking for a plastic gland or a metallic cable gland for armored or non-armored cables ?

Capri - over 60 years expertise and knowledge

For over 60 years, Capri has been known as a world-class solution in electrical termination for industrial and hazardous applications. Today, alongside Redapt and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.