CAPRIROK liquid tight conduit
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CAPRIROK liquid tight conduit

CAPRIROK is a range of metallic conduit with a black PVC cover for enhanced protection. 

Available in galvanized steel, the CAPRIROK range fully meets the specific needs for cable protection in harsh industrial environments. Used together with our CAPRIROK fittings, it provides a full and reliable conduit solution.

Compression strength
2 000 N
Operating temperature range
-20°C to +105°C
Tensile strength
1 300 N

Semi-rigid, non-deformable solution to protect cables

Using helically wound galvanised steel covered with a black PVC smooth coating, CAPRIROK offers a versatile and adaptable solution to protect the cables from harsh, oily environments and damages from crushing or pullout.

  • Metallic conduit with a black enhanced PVC cover 
  • Available in galvanised steel
  • IP67
  • UV resistant
  • To use together with Eaton CAPRIROK connectors
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Cable types

Protection category

CAPRIROK liquid tight conduit fitting ISO/Pg

Designed to work with Eaton's CAPRIROK fittings range

CAPRIROK fittings offer full protection in industrial environments, machine tools or outdoor installations where liquid-tight and resistance to oils are required.

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Capri - Over 60 years expertise and knowledge

For over 60 years, Capri has been known as a world-class solution in electrical termination for industrial and hazardous applications. Today, alongside Redapt and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.