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Redapt Insulated adaptors

Redapt DB series of insulated adaptors provide a method of insulating a cable gland and the cable armour from the equipment into which it has been fixed.

Insulated adaptors provide a vital safety precaution for systems with sensitive electronic equipment that are reliant on an interference-free power supply. Male and female thread are available in different materials if galvanic corrosion is a factor.

With ATEX and IECEx certification for both Exd "Flameproof" and Exe "Increased Safety" environments, Redapt's insulated adaptors are suited for hazardous-area applications worldwide.

Exd I and IIC & Exe I and IIC
Ingress protection
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +130°C

Protection category

Eliminates electrical noise

Insulated adaptors are an ideal method of providing a grounding for cable armour in explosive environments, particularly where the instruments or equipment are highly sensitive to electrical noise.

They can also reduce the circulating currents that can cause heating of high capacity cables, and segregate high and low voltage earth fault paths.

Offshore oil and gas rig

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Redapt - One of the world's leading manufacturers of Ex approved products

Since 1979, Redapt has been known for its specialism in Ex and is named after its core product range REducers and aDAPTors. Today, alongside Capri and Raxton it continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the market.