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4-speed EV Transmission

The EV transmissions are a product offering within the Eaton Power Systems category. Eaton offers a variety of EV transmissions for commercial vehicles and buses. With over 15 years and 2 billion miles of safe, reliable service, our EV transmissions deliver efficiency and performance required for the most challenging applications.

Greater efficiency at high speeds, range of torque capacities that allows for smaller electric motors
Improved performance
A deep-ratio first gear enables smooth launches even under difficult conditions
Flexible applications
City delivery, beverage, tourist bus, shuttle bus, school bus, city bus, logistics


  • Efficient motor use, extended range and/or reduced battery requirements and reduced cooling
  • Improved performance on grades, improved starting ability with a
    lower-torque motor, better acceleration
  • Tailored to your application—available as a system or individual components

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