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48-volt systems

Commercial vehicles are at a crossroads of tightening emissions regulations and an abundance of advanced technologies. The need for more power is greater than ever, and 48-volt systems and mild hybridization are possible solutions to these challenges. Eaton offers a full series of technologies to assist our global customers to transition vehicles to a 48-volt architecture, designed to improve performance, fuel economy, and durability.

Fuel savings
Delivers a 2% annual fuel efficiency savings by mounting the accessories on the transmission
Air cooled package
Eliminates the need for liquid cooling line, reducing excessive cable and harnessing costs


  • E-Heater reduces emissions by providing heat directly to the vehicle’s aftertreatment system 
  • Motor generator, inverter and DC/DC converter can lessen mechanical loads
  • Regenerative system can power components with engine off, reducing emissions and saving fuel
  • Electrically controlled cylinder deactivation (CDA) system can reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency in diesel commercial vehicles
48-volt mild hybrid examples
As an integrated solution, the 48-volt mild hybrid features a 48V motor that drives the HVAC and replaces the alternator to charge the battery. It’s a flexible solution providing both 48V and 12V to run accessories.

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