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8064/8065 Esport

The ergonomically designed 8064/8065 ESPORT Series comes with a large, independent LED illuminated indicator window that clearly identifies the switch’s labeled function— your label or ours. The switch can be ordered with an LED illuminated actuator, as well. All ESPORT switches are molded in a clean matte finish and operate with a definite tactile feel so actuation of the switch feels crisp. 8064/8065 ESPORT switches will accept loads up to15A. 


  • LED’s long life reduces or eliminates the need for lamp replacement
  • LED illuminated indicator window clearly displays the switch’s labeled function for easy identification


  • Additional colors of rockers and mounting bezels
  • Full-size Euro-Look panel plugs
  • Pad-printed legends
  • Polarized lock-on connector
  • Reversing jumpers
  • Special actuators
  • Special indicator legend labels
  • Wire leads
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