Battery disconnect switch (Series 15250)
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Battery disconnect switch (Series 15250)

Series 15250 Battery Disconnect Switch.


  • Applications A non-fused current interrupt disconnect designed for opening the circuit between a battery and the complete electrical load of a battery-powered system. 
  • Rating 400A continuous, 50Vac/Vdc. Vehicle cranking and max. surge currents to 2000A (based on 20% duty cycle with ON times of 5 seconds max.) 
  • Temperature Rating –40°F (–40°C) to 150°F (65°C) 
  • Termination 1/2-13 Copper alloy stud 
  • Torque Rating 420 in-lbs (47.5N•m) max 
  • Mounting Torque Rating With mounting brackets: 48 in-lbs (5.4N•m) max; without mounting brackets: 10 in-lbs (1.1N•m) max 


  • Handles: Three handle styles available. 
  • Other: Lubricant-filled body with silicone sealant.