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Battery separators

Eaton battery separators enable a primary and auxiliary bank of batteries to be charged from a single source by assuring the primary battery bank is charged before auxiliary battery bank is charged. If charge current requirements are greater than the charging source can produce, the battery separator will automatically direct all available charge current to the primary battery bank before charging the auxiliary battery bank.


  • Designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system
  • Allows multiple batteries to be charged from one charging source
  • Prioritized charging, charges primary battery and then remaining batteries
  • Uni-directional: charge two batteries from two sources
  • Interconnect/controller: can be used as a uni-directional separator, or low voltage disconnect (LVD), where the solenoid opens when battery voltage drops too low, or an isolator/interconnect, which provides isolated charging of two batteries from one source
  • Isolates batteries when fully charged
  • Protection circuitry absorbs coil generated voltage spikes
  • Prevents charging system overload
  • Start assist feature parallels batteries for added power during start
  • Universally suited for mounting on tow vehicles


  • Primary battery bank only triggered connection threshold (unidirectional) or primary and auxiliary bank triggered connection threshold (bidirectional) options available. Optional input from the key switch or a manual switch will program the battery separator to parallel the batteries during starting only if the auxiliary battery has sufficient power available to assist in starting.
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