Breaktor circuit protection
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Breaktor circuit protection

As vehicle electrification becomes more prevalent, the demand for increased power levels and charging rates also grows. With these changes and advancements in technology come new vehicle safety implications and challenges.

Electric vehicle (EV) systems must safely and reliably protect people and components during all load situations including short circuits, overloads and collision events, as well as quick charging and normal driving scenarios. Eaton’s all-new Breaktor™ circuit protection is the complete solution.

Intelligently safe
Self- and external triggering device can sense current spikes to interrupt the circuit
Switching and protection function in one unit, with consistent reaction time and no fatigue
Ease of service
Resettability means no device replacements required


  • Improves vehicle safety and protects components from any level of overcurrent condition
  • Less than 5-milisecond actuation up to 1,000 volts and 30,000 amps
  • Resettable like a circuit breaker, which enables reactivation of the device following a functionality check rather than a time-consuming vehicle service appointment
  • Current limiting in the event of a short circuit, independent of the current direction
  • Available in multiple configurations including voltage levels and multi-pole configurations

    Breaktor infographic
    Breaktor EV circuit protection cutaway
    • Permanent magnet system: Helps control location of arcing
    • Splitter plates: Split the arcing into smaller, lower voltage arcs to help with extinguishing
    • Current sensor: Senses unsafe overcurrent conditions and communicates to on-board PCBA
    • Driver electronics: Powers Breaktor actuation and deenergizes coil during overcurrent event
    • Driver coil: Actuates Breaktor with low voltage current
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