Daytime running light (DLR) controls
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Daytime running light (DLR) controls

The Eaton Daytime Running Light (DRL) Controls offer simple installation and readily adataptable to electrical systems that automatically turn on low-beam head lamps or DRL lamps at a reduced voltage to significantly enhances vehicle safety. Safe protected against all failure modes, including loss of ground, overcurrent and shortcircuit conditions, the Eaton DRL Controls are reliable and not affected by radio or electromagnetic interference.


  • 100% solid-state
  • Environmentally splashproof or sealed depending on model
  • Reduced power operation, thus minimizing early lamp failure and electrical load
  • Low failure possibility reduces vehicle down possibility
  • Superior provision of Daytime Running Light Controls complies with CMVSS-108; CAN/CSA=D603-88, Type2; FMVSS-108
  • Designed per SAE J1211, J1455
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