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Dual motion safety switch

Dual Motion Safety Switches are available in two standard circuit options: OFF (locked)-None-ON and ON (locked)-None-ON. The locked safety feature requires two motions from the operator to place the actuator in the unlocked position. In locked position, pressure must be applied on the actuator forward and additional force in an upward motion for the switch to move to the unlocked position. Once unlocked, the switch can easily be moved back into the locked position. 


  • Ergonomic grooves help provide the operator a firm grip when moving the actuator
  • IP54 seal level allows for use in tough environments where there may be exposure to small dust particles or water splashing against the enclosure from any direction
  • Bezel design allows for an easy snap-in switch mount into various panel thicknesses
  • Arrows can be pad printed on the sides of the rocker to indicate the correct forward motion


  • Colored Actuator
  • Customizable legend pad printing
  • Screw solder lug and spade terminal options available
  • Snap-in switch mount