Electronic Switch Modules - E33
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Electronic Switch Modules - E33

Designed to support harsh environmental applications, the E33 eSM offers sealing to IP68 and offers additional features including guarded and locking rockers. The E33 eSM also provides flexibility of up to eight switch modules (24 switches total) per CAN node and exceptional visual feedback via Eaton's extensive library of icons and multi-color indicator bar.


  • Reduced assembly labor due to ease of installation, allowing for mounting and connection of eight switch modules at one time versus individually
  • Reduced wire harness complexity, using one harness to a controller to accommodate up to 24 switches and a three-wire interconnect between expansion and master modules
  • Reduced harness size offers an overall reduction in weight, improving operational efficiency of the equipment
  • Increased switch lifecycle over traditional electromechanical switches (500k cycles)
  • Fully sealed from the front and rear with optional panel sealing available
  • Late point definition of circuit and rockers reduces inventory and accommodates multiple application requirements
  • Locking and guarded rocker features available
  • Multi-color center indicator for vehicle status feedback
  • Sleep mode available to reduce current draw on the battery
  • Front panel removable for easy maintenance