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Heavy duty EV transmission

Developed to aid efficiency, Eaton’s purpose-built heavy duty EV transmission helps to increase range, grade capability and acceleration for commercial electric vehicles (EVs). Leveraging decades of experience building industry-leading commercial vehicle (CV) transmissions, the heavy duty EV transmission is based on proven, robust and efficient layshaft architecture and allows for use of a smaller motor -- optimizing cost and efficiency.

Greater efficiency at high speeds, range of torque capacities that allows for smaller electric motors
Improved performance
A deep-ratio first gear enables smooth launches even under difficult conditions
Flexible applications
Beverage, tourist bus, yard tractor, drayage, city dump truck, municipal, logistics


  • Efficient motor use, extended range and/or reduced battery size
  • Improved performance on grades, improved starting ability with a smaller motor, better acceleration
  • Tailored to your application – bus, truck, variety of motor pairings, custom shift calibrations