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Integrated OBC DC/DC

Eaton’s integrated OBC DC/DC converter improves efficiency, increases reliability, and provides packaging flexibility while saving space and decreasing costs by reducing redundant componentry in electric vehicles. The architecture features weight-saving integrated magnetics that decreases the weight by 15 percent, allowing manufacturers greater flexibility when designing an electric vehicle. The OBC DC/DC reduces the number of times the low voltage must be converted, limiting power losses as well.


  • Greater than 95% efficiency for OBC and 94% for DC converter
  • Combination of Si and SiC switching
  • Bi-directional capability with both OBC and DC converter
  • AUTOSAR & Cybersecurity compliant
  • Topology can be adapted to 800V
  • 7kW or 11kW on board charger
  • Low voltage DC converter
  • Optional EVSE controller