PDM-AMI Series (Multiple fuse holder family)
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PDM-AMI Series (Multiple fuse holder family)

The PDM-AMI Series of fuse holders has been designed to allow up to four bolt-in style AMI (midi) fuses to be connected while providing protection from difficult environmental conditions. This holder is a sealed solution for your higher current (30A-200A) requirements. It has multiple fuses with spares contained in the same sealed location.


  • Sealed cavity for both active & spare fuses
  • Protecting high-current power distribution and circuit protection from high pressure spray
  • Allowing remote and protected mounting of higher current bolt-in fuses
  • Housing up to four fuses in same package
  • Reduces harness cost and complexity while protecting critical circuits.
  • Sealed solution for higher current (30A-200A) requirements
  • Holds spare fuses and protects them in a sealed package.
  • Laser etch marking eliminates environmental damage to decals and labels and helps identify critical circuits
  • Vibration resistant allows fuses to be mounted with greater flexibility mounting locations 


  • Laser etch capable cover (both inside & out)
  • 2, 3 or 4 fuse models (supplied with or without fuses installed)
  • Single or dual input cable terminals (on the four-position fuse holder)


The PDM-AMI family of fuse holders is designed to SAE electrical specifications as well as IP6k9k environmental sealing requirements.