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Sealed Rockettes feature a silicone rubber seal to protect contacts and mechanisms. All switches resist contaminants such as sand, dust and moisture with a base-to-frame seal and an actuator seal. Both non-illuminated and illuminated rockette versions are available. On illuminated models, the lamp is wired to operate in conjunction with the switch on single-throw circuits, while on double-throw circuits the lamp is independent of the switch. 


  • Silicone rubber seal protects contacts and mechanisms
  • Base-to-frame seal and an actuator seal provide resistance to contaminants such as dust, sand, and moisture
  • Easy snap-in mount into various panel thicknesses for added convenience


  • Colored rockers and bezels
  • Foam dust seal
  • Hot stamped/pad printed legends
  • Metal snap-in bezels
  • Reversing jumpers
  • Special circuits