Series 15700 - RTA (Rear Terminal ATC Fuse Panel)
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Series 15700 - RTA (Rear Terminal ATC Fuse Panel)

The Rear Terminal ATC Fuse Panel (RTA) is a rear-fed panel with high component retention, which makes it an ideal choice for high vibration environments including construction, agriculture, bus, recreational vehicles, heavy trucking equipment, etc. It is available in multiple lengths and internal bussing configurations. This allows for up to four separate power input circuits and 32 individual output circuits.


  • Input terminal rating: 1/4-20 stud; quick-connect terminals provided on middle bus (Series 15713 & 714); 200A max total input for unit
  • Output terminal rating: 30A max load per circuit
  • Temperature rating: -40°C (-40°F) to 125°C (260°F)
  • Materials: 94V-0 thermoplastic
  • Termination:
  • Delphi Packard Pack-Con® Series 3 & 5*
  • Input wire size: #4-6 AWG
  • Output wire size: #10-16 AWG
  • Torque Rating: 50 in-lbs max
  • Mounting torque rating: #10-32 threaded inserts, 24 in-lbs max torque


  • Positions: 8-32 circuits available
  • Split power: Single, dual, triple or quadruple bus options
  • Cover: Short cover for fuses only and taller cover for use with circuit breakers
  • Locks: Secondary locs available for securing of output terminals (#15710-TP - comes in multiples of 8 positions. Must order multiple strips to cover length of selected RTA).
  • Tools: Output terminal removal tool (#HT15710-01). Secondary lock removal tool (#HT15710-02).