Series 21030 battery equalizer (21030E10)
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Series 21030 battery equalizer (21030E10)

The 21030E10 battery equalizer maintains the balance of a 24V series battery pack, allows large 12V loads to be powered from the 12V center tap and provides 30A of output current to maintain battery balance. The 21030E10 battery equalizer allows the inrush current of 12V loads to be supported by the batteries while maintaining battery balance. The 21030E10 reduces overall system cost and improves system reliability. 


  • Easily implemented into a system providing 12V power with system redundancy reducing vehicle downtime
  • Allows use of 12V electrical components in a 24V electrical system providing greater system flexibility
  • Leverage increased power of a 24V starting and charging system without having to migrate all components to 24V
  • Proven reliability with more than a billion fielded hours


  • Powder coated housing
  • DC converter with fixed output voltage
  • Deutsch mating connector 

Standards & Certifications

  • SAE J1455, J1113, CISPR 25, E mark, RoHS
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