Series 31m - mVEC (Multiplexed vehicle electrical center)
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Series 31m - mVEC (Multiplexed vehicle electrical center)

The multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC) offers economical CAN Network oversight for high power circuits in vehicle power distribution. The mVEC is rated at 200 Amps. The mVEC may be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and switching functions, using industry standard fuses, relays and breakers, with the status and control of each circuit accessible through J1939 CAN open messages.


The mVEC acts as a slave module on a J1939 network communicating via the vehicle data bus with the master controller. Functionality as a node in existing vehicle networks is available today with plans for limited stand-alone capability planned for the future. Capabilities include relay control as well as diagnostic reports for fuses, relays and circuit breakers via the vehicle’s CAN bus. Both 12 & 24V functionality is available along with high-side & low-side control. 


  • Cover: Solid domed cover with gasket
  • Cover marking: Laser etching inside, outside, or both
  • Components: 2.8mm (mini) footprint fuse, breaker, relay, etc.
  • Standard & customized circuit layouts
  • Standard & custom CAN messages
  • Compression limiters on mounting feet
  • Internal spare fuse holder and socket for fuse extraction tool