Series 31s - ssVEC (Severe service vehicle electrical center)
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Series 31s - ssVEC (Severe service vehicle electrical center)

The ssVEC is capable of operating in various environments such as those with high vibration and moisture (compliant with IP66 standards). The ssVEC provides efficient and compact power distribution for OEMs with demanding applications in the transportation industry. As with all VECs, the ssVEC uses the patented Eaton ‘power grid’ technology easily configured to accommodate various OEM wiring requirements.


Eaton ssVECs all feature a unique color-coded and keyed connector system, and accepts common plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors, diodes and transorbs, based on the industry standard 2.8mm footprint.

Additionally the ssVEC has these features:

  • Durable plastic housing featuring a Gortex vent
  • Internal silicone gasket between all seams and plastic to terminal interfaces


  • Cover: Solid domed cover with gasket
  • Cover marking: Laser etching inside, outside, or both
  • Components: Fuse, breaker, relay, diodes and transorbs
  • Compression limiters on mounting feet
  • Internal spare fuse holder and socket for fuse extraction tool
  • Dual version (400A) available (see ssDVEC)
  • Multiplex option available (see mVEC)