Series 37700 - PFM/PRM (Power fuse and power relay modules)
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Series 37700 - PFM/PRM (Power fuse and power relay modules)

The PRM contains a relay and two female fuse positions. One of these fuses protects the relay and the other is a single-circuit inline fuse. The PFM contains only two fuses - each a separate circuit. A silicone seal and removable cover offer a weather-tight enclosure for the fuse positions. PRMs/PFMs also feature rugged M8 power input studs. Multiple units may be connected together via a custom buss bar or can be bussed to any.


  • Ingress protection rating: IP66 (excluding stud connections)
  • Compliances: SAE 31171 (ignition protected)


  • Mounting: Counter rotation feature (CRF) available to prevent rotation on single bolt installations
  • Bussing: Custom bussing available for joining multiple PRMs/PFMs; options also available for bussing PRMs/PFMs to other Eaton PDMs
  • Accessories: Buss bar, stud caps, separators, service components
  • Signal connector part numbers:
    • Delphi: Black - 12052641; grey - 12052644 (consult Delphi distribution)
    • AMP: Red - 776427-1; grey - 776427-2; yellow - 776427--3; green - 776427-4 (consult Tyco distribution)