Series LMI (Configurative AMI fuse holder system)
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Series LMI (Configurative AMI fuse holder system)

The LMI can be used for main branch primary fusing and accepts multiple (up tp six) industry standard AMI (midi) fuses. Sold by individual component piece or assembled, the LMI uses a common input bus bar for assemblies of two or more fuses. The LMI provides efficient power distribution suitable for many applications, such as marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking, bus and specialty vehicles.


  • Sizing: One fuse module per AMI fuse, one input module and bus bar required per LMI2-LMI7 assembly, maximum of seven modules per assembly
  • Ratings: Maximum total combined rating is 400A continuous*
  • Temperature: -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F)
  • Termination:
  • Input module: Stainless Steel M8 or 5/16-18 stud and keps nut
  • Fuse module: Stainless Steel M5 or #10-32 studs and keps nuts
  • Material:
  • Housing: HTN black UL-rated 94V0 thermoplastic
  • Cover: Red EPDM/Santoprene cover for protection from accidental shorts
  • Studs: Stainless Steel


  • All modules (input or fuse holder) will match same units in a given assembly, either all metric or all English, as specified.
  • “E” represents “10-32” stud for fuse modules and “5/16-18” for input module. “M” represents M5 stud for fuse module and M8x1.25 size for input module.
  • The largest possible LMI assembly that can be created is 7 modules total; 6 fuse modules and one input module. At most, 7 positions can be shown in suffix -X(XXXXX).
  • Eaton does not recommend more than 6 bussed fuse modules being connected together (with one input module). The input module should be located in the center of the assembly for bus bar efficiencies
  • Bus bars are included for all assemblies greater than or equal to an LMI2
  • All modules come with covers.
  • When ordering individual LMI modules for assembly by the customer, bus bars can be individually ordered using part number B109-7046-x (where “x” represents the number of total modules, including input module, that the bus bar will connect)
  • When ordering LMI1 with fuse and/or nuts, both fuse and nuts will ship bulk.
  • To order assembled units, the minimum order quantity is 100 units.
  • Attach all wire cables with the ring terminals in direct contact with the fuse or bar (i.e. no fasteners or washers between ring terminal and fuse/buss bar)
  • Based on numerous variations possible between numbers of poles used, fuses selected, input wiring and output wiring, all applications should be tested by installer to verify the product meets their requirements.