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True sine wave inverter

The Eaton True Sine Wave Inverter provides clean, reliable AC power. With a True Sine Wave output, the inverter is able to power all electrical loads up to 1,800W; including sleep apnea machines, tools, motors and other demanding electrical devices. When shore power is available, a built-in 20A relay automatically transfers to incoming AC utility power, minimizing battery discharge and eliminating the need for an external transfer switch.


  • True Sine Wave output
  • Remote mounted user interface control panel
  • Integrated AC transfer switch
  • Optional Battery Charger
  • Surge current of twice the rated output
  • UL Listed / CSA Approved
  • Battery over voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Automatic over load protection
  • Short Circuit and Ground Fault protection


Performance - Pure Sine wave vs Modified Sine wave

  • Many AC appliances like motors and fluorescent lights do not function utilizing a modified sine wave inverter. A true sine wave will power virtually any electronic device.  
  • The main advantage of a modified sine wave is lower cost inverter circuitry which provides less for the user.
  • Modified sine wave inverters are less efficient in providing power and as a result may shorten the life of your electrical components.
  • Eaton inverters come standard with a Low voltage disconnect switch. If you buy one separately they can cost as much as $100 plus labor of installation.

Reliability & Safety

  • Truck Vibration -Eaton inverters are one of the very few inverters to meet SAE J1455 vibration testing.
  • Eaton inverters are UL 458 certified, many are not.


  • Eaton provides a two year warranty for truck sleeper cab applications that use Eaton approved wiring harnesses. Non-truck application warranty is one year.

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