B-Line series enclosure accessories
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B-Line series enclosure accessories

Eaton offers a wide variety of accessories for its B-Line series electrical enclosure product line.

Electrical enclosure accessories

Eaton offers a wide range of accessories compatible with B-Line series electrical enclosures.  Below are a list of some of these accessories.  For a full list and specifications, download the B-Line series accessories section of the B-Line series electrical enclosure catalog

  • Window kits, fixed and hinged 
  • Door accessories,  door stops, door switch and receptacles
  • Latches, locks and handles
  • Clamp locks and padlock kits
  • Folding shelf kits
  • Gland plates
  • Floor stand kits, stabelizers and louver plate kits
  • Filters and filter adhesives 
  • Hole seals and drip shields
  • Casters and barriers
  • Component mounting devices
  • JIC and NEMA terminal straps and supports
  • Block strip kits and terminal blocks
  • Enclosure lights
  • Disconnect adapter kits and blank adapter plates
  • Columns and bases 
  • Hardware packages and clamping nuts
  • Ground lug and devices