B-Line series Type 12 panel enclosures
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B-Line series Type 12 panel enclosures

Eaton's B-Line series JIC  wall mount,  ground mount and terminal Type 12 panel enclosures are used to house electrical controls and instruments while helping protect them against circulating dust, falling dirt and dripping non-corrosive liquids.

JIC Type 12 and 13 panel enclosures 

  • Lift-off cover enclosures
  • Continuous hinge cover enclosures 
  • Screw cover enclosures
  • Continuous hinge screw cover
  • Continuous hinge quick-release cover 
  • Large continuous hinge screw cover
  • Continuous hinge flanged trough cover

Wall mount Type 12 panel enclosures

  • Single door enclosures
  • Terminal enclosures (installed terminal strap assembly)
  • Double door 3-point locking enclosures

Ground mount Type 12 panel enclosures

  • Double door floor-standing 3-point locking enclosures 
  • Double door free-standing 3-point locking enclosures and accessories
  • Modular free-standing 3-point locking enclosures 
  • Multi-door free-standing 3-point locking enclosures 

Large enclosure video

Eaton’s B-Line series large enclosures provide reliable electrical equipment protection for variable frequency drives, motors, controls, electrical devices, and other power distribution equipment. View the video to learn more.