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xEffect Ci

The xEffect Ci industrial enclosures are perfectly suited for housing all types of switching and protection devices, such as MCBs, molded-case circuit breakers, switch-disconnectors, motor-starters or contactors. They offer protection against harsh environments, lower the installation costs and can be adapted to almost all machine-building applications, including photovoltaic installations. The polycarbonate enclosures with IP65 degree of protection prevent water, dirt and dust from entering. In addition, the corrosion-free enclosures comply with IEC/EN 62208 and meet the requirements for NA-type devices according to UL508A. 

Degree of protection
IEC/EN 62208


Tried and tested in the most extreme environments

  • Enclosure made of high-quality polycarbonate – IP65 degree of protection
  • Cover equipped with spring-loaded fittings
  • The total insulation provides maximum safety, as this protective feature is always “active” and never wears out
  • Suitable for environments that are particularly exposed to dust and pollution
  • High level of protection against moisture and water jets
  • Particularly shock-proof and resistant to mechanical impacts
  • Resistant to acrid smoke and corrosive substances
  • Ci, X and Ci, NA stand-alone enclosures


When smart appearance matters

Thanks to the smooth side surfaces of the enclosure base, there are no corners where dirt can accumulate. Areas of application for this type of enclosure include, for example, the operating level in machine building applications, small controllers and photovoltaic systems.

Better security with proactive communication

The digital RCCBs from Eaton’s xEffect series can do more than just switch off: They monitor electrical installations and issue advance warnings of critical current flows. Thanks to the short-time delay function and the optimized tripping threshold, temporary malfunctions will not cause the digital RCCB to shut down. When a fault current is detected, the device reports this information to the control center of the plant right away so that troubleshooting can start before any system failure occurs. The cause of the fault current can be thus be precisely determined, which simplifies maintenance and increases the availability of the system.

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Optimized and timeless protection

This type of enclosure offers additional protection against mechanical impacts and corrosive substances. Thanks to their total insulation, the xEffect Ci enclosures provide for optimized and timeless protection.

Maximum operational safety

Thanks to the gray transparent covers, operators can check the correct functioning of the integrated switchgear at a glance. Non-transparent covers and covers with integrated cylinder lock are also available.

Special protection against severe arcing

Thanks to the spring-loaded fittings of the cover, the Ci enclosure offers special protection against severe arcing. In the event of an arc, this will allow the excess pressure to escape by lifting the cover for a few millimeters and then immediately closing it again.

Advanced CI Movie

Eaton's Ci stand-alone polycarbonate enclosures offer maximum flexibility.