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xEffect xVTL

The xEffect xVTL controlgear and power distribution enclosures can accommodate switchgear up to 1600 A.

The sheet-steel housing protects against both damaging environmental impacts and electric shocks caused by touching live parts.

xEffect xVTL can be mounted side by side and can be easily transformed into a control enclosure for industrial purposes or into an energy distributor for functional buildings, in line with your requirements. The stable, easy to mount and disassemble xEffect xVTL enclosures are available in more than 55 different sizes.

According to
IEC/EN 62208
Protection class
Degree of protection


  • Floor-standing sheet steel enclosure
  • Standard IEC/EN 62208
  • Degree of protection IP31, IP42 and IP55
  • Protection class I
  • Prepared for AC cooling
  • Easy assembly
  • Rating up to 1600 A
  • Color: RAL 7035
  • Delivery: flat pack & pre-assembled
  • Available in:
    • heights of 1400 to 2000 mm
    • widths of 425 to 1350 mm 
    • depths of 300 to 800 mm

xEnergy Light low-voltage main distribution board

  • Incoming supplies, outgoers and couplings with circuit breakers
  • Outgoers with SL fuse-switch disconnectors up to 630 A
  • Incoming supply system for drill-free cable connection
  • Internal separation up to form 4b type 2 and 6
  • Cable connection from the top or bottom

xEnergy Light & xEffect xVTL sub-distribution board

  • Profi+ and EP installation systems
  • Fitting modules for NZM, NH fuse-switch disconnectors and strips, for screw fuse bases, devices for modular installation and individual devices

xEffect xVTL control distribution board

  • Control technology with Sasy 60i
  • Individual, fixed installation units on a mounting plate
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Automation technology

Abrasion-proof protection

Abrasion-proof protection against corrosion thanks to a powder-coated RAL 7035 finish.

Made of sheet steel

This stable sheet-steel enclosure can be mounted side by side and is also ideally suited for stand-alone installation.

Fulfills the standards

Complies with the IEC/EN 62208, EN 60529 and IEC 61439-1/-2 standards.

Additional features

Features include a door-arresting set, a door-contact switch with brackets, control-cabinet lamps and various locking systems.

xEnergy Light

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