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TVS R2650

The Eaton TVS R2650 is the newest and largest OE production TVS model. Available in some of the world's most powerful production cars and as an aftermarket upgrade, it is the perfect choice when you need to flow massive amounts of air.

Volume per rotation
2,650 cubic centimeters
Single boosting only
Outlet design


The high twist, 4-lobe rotor design is 15% larger than the TVS 2300 and features several improvements to maximize efficiency and performance at upper RPMs: 

  • 170 degree twist (versus 160)
  • Better sealing with optimized "Length to Diameter" ratio
  • Increased durability with larger bearings and timing gears
  • Pressure relief ports in bearing plate for reduced input power

R2650 advantages over R2300:

  • 4%  more efficient
  • 15% larger displacement (2650cc versus 2300cc)
  • 18% less input power required
  • 25% more air flow at 18,000 RPM and 14 psi boost (2.0 pressure ratio) 

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