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TVS 3100

The next step in performance from the popular TVS platform, the TVS R3100 was developed from the design of the popular TVS R2650 in response to customer demand for greater airflow from a similar sized package.

The innovative design of the R3100 results in greater displacement than the TVS R2650 while maintaining the same footprint within the engine bay. This will allow Eaton’s aftermarket partners to bring another level of performance to their customers with a better under-hood fit.  

The TVS-3100 is currently undergoing continued testing and development. 

Maximum performance
Over the entire performance band
We've made >9 million superchargers
Unsurpassed quality
OE-level durability testing


  • Developed based on the TVS R2650 
  • OE level performance and durability testing
  • Similar under-hood fit to TVS R2650
  • All TVS products are mapped to SAE J1723-1995 standards

Extensive testing

Our testing protocols and flow mapping are repeatable and follow automotive engineering industry standards. All TVS rotors are air flow mapped to SAE J1723-1995 standards, which standardizes the results by controlling for temperature and humidity. Air flow data that doesn’t adhere to the SAE standard cannot be used to make accurate performance comparisons.

TVS Technology

With 30 years of automotive supercharging experience, we are the world's largest producer of Roots-type positive displacement superchargers. We partner with global vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket partners to improve engine performance.