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Rocker arms

Eaton rocker arms or finger followers are engineered to optimize mass, inertia, and stiffness, enabling a stable valvetrain dynamic, and to reduce friction losses. Our rocker arms are custom designed to meet your specifications for use in single and double overhead camshaft (SOHC and DOHC) valvetrains, as well as overhead valve (OHV) or pushrod type valvetrains in gasoline or diesel engines.


  • The rocker arm body is designed to maximize the stiffness at the valve, while minimizing mass and inertia. Our rocker arms can be found in high performance engines ensuring a correct valvetrain dynamic behavior up to 9000 revolutions per minute.
  • Rocker arms can be equipped with a needle bearing to minimize friction losses at low engine speed, or with a bushing bearing to minimize wear when high specific loads or poor lubrication conditions are found.
  • Rocker arm free floating axle is a technical solution able to minimize wear and friction losses.
  • Rocker arms with increased guidance on valve tip and narrow bearing are suitable for Variable Valve Actuation cam-shifting systems.