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Eaton's clogging indicators reliably monitor filter clogging caused by particulate accumulation in hydraulic and lubricating oil filters. The clogging indicators easily integrate into automatic control systems, and ensure continuous contamination control.

The AE 30 and AE 40 clogging indicators are electrical differential pressure indicators.  The AE 70, AE 80 and AE 90 clogging indicators are combined optical and electrical differential pressure indicators..

Clogging indicator type
Electrical or Visual-Electrical
max. operating pressure
6,000 psi (420 bar)
operating temperature
14-176 °F (-10-80 °C)


  • Easy integration into automatic control system
  • Allows for continuous contamination control and pressure
  • Differential measuring
  • Darly identification of increased contamination
  • Optimal utilization of filter elements 
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