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BECO COMPACT PLATE A600 filter is a particularly high-class multi sheet filter with various equipment options. 

BECO COMPACT PLATE A600 depth filtration system is used for liquids with large variability. The system utilizes different filter elements and a wide range of different depth filter sheets for applications in the biotechnology, chemical, cosmetics, and food industries.

Stainless Steel, AISI 316L
Max. Filter Area
745.94 ft² (69.30 m²)
Particle, Sterile, Pre-Coating Filtration


  • High flexibility through the simple adaptation of the filter area from 7.10 to 745.93 ft² (0.66 to 69.3 m²) to the respective application
  • Variable application options through the use of filtrate plates, unfiltrate plates and cake frames
  • The filter can be used as sheet filter, precoating filter or as a combination of both
  • Easy handling and good cleanability thanks to ergonomic design, smooth surfaces, and open support grid of filter plates
  • Low drip loss due to the hydraulic tightening unit with automatic subsequent pressing; Hydraulic unit available electrically or pneumatically operated
  • Wide range of accessories such as fittings and riser pipes complement the system to a unit ready for connection
  • Other designs and further components for expansion to complete systems are available depending on requirements

Industries include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Food Industries
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