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BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EP/OEP enclosed plate and frame filter is the depth filtration system for critical filtration tasks in the pharmaceutical and biotech, chemical, cosmetics, and food industries. BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EP/OEP version is a multi-sheet filter with external chamber. Depth filter sheets seal the product channels. The BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EP version has gaskets at the external chamber that seal the entire filter package. The BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 OEP version has a gasket-free filter package.

With External Chamber
PP or PVDF, FDA Listed


  • CIP of filter package without depth filter sheets
  • Complete drainage of filter due to unique filter plate design
  • High safety due to the absence of leakage in the environment thanks to a circular O-ring sealing/sealing surface and an automatic hydraulic pressure control
  • Easy handling and good cleanability thanks to ergonomic design of chassis, and open support grid of filter plates; cake discharge downwards into tray underneath of filter package (optional)
  • High flexibility: The filter can be used as a sheet filter or as a pre-coat filter. For pre-coating/removing of high particle load, cake frames in different widths are available
  • Electrical (standard) or pneumatic (ATEX compliant) hydraulics can be selected
  • Other designs and further components for expansion to complete systems are available, depending on requirements


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
Eaton's BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EP/OEP is designed and manufactured according to the cGMP guidelines and the FDA regulations.
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